Contestable Camera Cars

A speculative concept video that applies the Contestable AI by Design framework to the example of cities using camera cars for urban sensing and control.

Produced in collaboration with Responsible Sensing Lab. Animation by Trim Tab. Music and sound by Six Feet High. Concept design by Kars Alfrink.

Stills from Contestable Camera Cars concept video

Transparent Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging stations operated by the city of Amsterdam are controlled by an algorithmic system that aims to ensure grid stability and optimises for sustainability. This project explores how best to explain charging algorithm decisions through the interface of an electric vehicle charging station.

A collaboration between AMS Institute, Stichting ElaadNL, the city of Amsterdam and TU Delft. Design by The Incredible Machine.

Human-Scale Scan Car

The city of Amsterdam uses scan cars for parking enforcement, and is exploring additional uses of similar mobile urban sensing technologies, such as detecting side-placed garbage. This project explores ways of making scan cars more human-friendly, primarily through altering the physical vehicle itself.

A collaboration between AMS Institute, the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Tada and TU Delft. Design by UNSense.

MX3D Smart Bridge

A pedestrian bridge designed and manufactured by a 3D metal printing start-up, to be placed across a central Amsterdam canal. The bridge is outfitted with a host of sensors aimed at infrastructure monitoring, as well as other urban sensing purposes. The connected research project BRIDE investigates how smart technologies can be used in city-making.

BRIDE is a collaboration between MX3D, AMS Institute, University of Twente and TU Delft.