ID5417 Artificial Intelligence and Society
6 EC industrial design engineering master elective course aimed at equiping students with tools and methods for the responsible design of public AI.

Master graduation students

Laura de Groot (2023)
Agonistic Machine Vision Development: A Tangible Approach to Involving Citizens in the Development Phase of Machine Vision Systems for Scan Cars
Chair: Ianus Keller.

Fabian Geiser (2022)
Reimagining the smart allocation of road space in Amsterdam for fairness.
Chair: Euiyoung Kim.

Loes Sloƫtjes (2021)
You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide?: Designing a tour that enables citizens of Utrecht to critically reflect about the collection and use of their personal data and its privacy consequences within the smart city.
Chair: Roy Bendor.

Joo Young Park (2020)
Smart Bench: A Speculative Design to Create Critical Awareness of Data-driven Nudging in the Smart City.
Chair: Roy Bendor.

Xueyao Wang (2019)
Understanding the values in the context of Wi-Fi access data.
Chair: Jacky Bourgeois.